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The TeamViewer API

TeamViewer provides a web-based API that allows you to access data and control various aspects of your TeamViewer account. You can use the API to develop apps that integrate TeamViewer functionality into your own corporate environment or you can develop apps that everyone can use.

The API uses REST to communicate with your application and the secure authorization standard OAuth 2.0 to manage access to all data.


The TeamViewer API for application developers provides access to the following TeamViewer functionality:

User Management
Methods related to a TeamViewer company profile (e. g. create new company member, modify member information).

Group Management
Methods related to groups in your TeamViewer Computers & Contacts list (e. g. create group, share group)

Session Management
Methods related to remote control sessions with TeamViewer (e. g. create new session, modify session information).

Connection reports
Methods related to connection reporting in the TeamViewer Management Console (e. g. list connection reports, export reports).

Online Meetings
Methods related to TeamViewer Meetings (e. g. Schedule meetings, start spontaneous meeting)

Computers & Contacts
Methods related to the TeamViewer Computers & Contacts list (e. g. see who is online, start a remote control session with a contact or device, or batch import new contacts from your address book).

Sample use cases

Create a service case out of a customer’s ticket within your help desk

Integrate a “Request a support session” button into your web application.

Extract connection reports from the TeamViewer Management Console into Excel for further processing and generating statistics.

Automatically export connections reports from the TeamViewer Management Console every night for offline and flexible usage (e. g. for billing).

Quickly import the entire support team into your TeamViewer company profile.

Automatically create a new TeamViewer account for every new user in your Active Directory.

Start a meeting from within a chat app and invite chat partner directly.

Schedule a meeting in a third-party calendar app.

See if a contact from your CRM is online in TeamViewer and directly ask them to start a remote control session to their computer.

Directly connect to a computer from within your favorite asset management system, using the password that is stored in your Computers & Contacts list.