The TeamViewer app for Outlook allows you to connect directly to others using TeamViewer. See if other participants of an email conversation are online and connect to them right away.

Take your discussion to a more efficient level and use TeamViewer for chat, remote control, video calls, or screen sharing.

Outlook is a personal information management system to manage e-mails, appointments and contacts.

Integrate TeamViewer in Outlook

See if email recipients are logged into their TeamViewer account. Connect to them via TeamViewer from within any email conversation.
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Sometimes a quick chat or video call can help to discuss things more easily than writing email after email. At other times, directly sharing your screen might be even better. Our app enables you to do all these things right from within Outlook.
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See if your colleagues are online in TeamViewer and connect to them with one click
Share your screen
Start a remote control session
Start a chat
Start a video call
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The TeamViewer app is available via the Office store.
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