The TeamViewer integration for ServiceNow enables instant remote support directly from your ServiceNow instance.

With TeamViewer, you can easily create a secure remote support session directly from your ServiceNow incident record and streamline troubleshooting.

The TeamViewer integration for ServiceNow Incident Management enables streamlined remote support from any ServiceNow incident report.

TeamViewer integrated into ServiceNow

Remotely control a caller’s device via TeamViewer from within the ServiceNow dashboard.
Benefits of this TeamViewer integration | Icon Benefits
The remote troubleshooting experience is improved by optimizing communication between users and service desk staff. Remote control has been proven to increase efficiency of service desks and improve customer satisfaction significantly. Combined with the advantages of a custom QuickSupport module, this enables a unique customer support experience.
Features of this TeamViewer integration | Icon Features
Create and join a support session directly from a ServiceNow incident report
Remotely control the caller’s device
Caller joins the session with a simple click
Sessions automatically added to the session report in the TeamViewer Management Console
All connections are fully encrypted
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The integration is available via the ServiceNow Store. Requires a TeamViewer Premium or Corporate license.
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