User Management

User Management

User Management

Our User Management API offers the possibility to manage users within your TeamViewer company profile.

This integration provides the import of user data into the User management of your TeamViewer Management Console from different sources such as Excel or CSV files. Based on the user data, TeamViewer accounts will be created.

Please find further information in the API documentation.

Manage your users and contacts with the Computers & Contacts list | Screenshot

User Management integration

Import user data from Excel or CSV file into your TeamViewer company profile with the TeamViewer integration for User Management and User Provisioning | Screenshot
Benefits of this TeamViewer integration | Icon Benefits
Setting up TeamViewer for your company is easier than ever. Create all your TeamViewer company users with one simple import.
Features of this TeamViewer integration | Icon Features
Import user credentials from a CSV file into the User management of your TeamViewer company profile.
Choose user names, passwords, e-mail addresses and permissions for each user.
Changes to existing user accounts can also be imported.
Get started with this TeamViewer integration | Icon Get Started
This integration is available for PowerShell and Python and can be adapted to your needs.